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Final Meeting of the standard project Innov-H2O - 26/09/2014 Vipava - Slovenia

On 26th September will be held the Final Meeting of the standard project Innov-H2O entitled "Knowledge-based aquaculture". Important Italian and Slovenian authorities will partecipate to this final event.

Last Plenary Forum & Scientific Meeting - 04/09/2014, AREA Science Park, Trieste

The programme is: Final Plenary Forum with fish farmers in the morning: facilitators M. Francese (PP4) and M. Kadoič (PP6) and Scientific Meeting with synthetic presentation of scientific results in the afternoon

Complementariy Training Course & 6th Young Researcher Forum - 29/08/2014 Kranj, Slovenia

PP6 has organized a Complementary Training Course entitled: " Presentation of case studies of companies, business training and advisory services in Slovenia". At the same day, in the afternoon, will be held the 6th Young Researcher Forum.

Complementary Training Course & 5° Forum INNOVAQUA – Thematic Groups - 23/07/2014 Vipava, Slovenia

A Complementary Training Course entitled : "E nvironmental and agro food certification " will be held from Marco Francese (PP4) with presentation of case studies and best practices. A Thematic Groups about Waste and Feed will be held from represantatives of waste management companies and another one about Feed will be held w ith the possible participation of experts in the field.

Furunculosis meeting in Ljubljana - 27/06/2014 University of Ljubliana Veterinary Faculty

"Furunculosis: an old but re-emerging disease" is the main issue that will be discussed with students, veterinarians, technical asistant and fish farmers at the Veterinary Faculty in Ljubljana. New aspect of the disease, problems related to the use of veterinary medicine and old/new instruments to fight against this important disease of salmonids will be presented by INNOVAQUA partners.

5th Young Researchers Forum: "Project for a sector start-up" - 16/05/2014 Vipava - Slovenia

The 5th Young Researchers Forum "Project for a sector start-up" will be held on 16th May 2014 at the University of Nova Gorica.


A complementary training course "EUROPEAN PROJECTS AND BUSINESS PLANNING" will be held by Adriano Savoini and Stefano Puissa (T&B Associati) for all Innovaqua partners.

6th Scientific Workshop, Thematic Group, Joint Training and 4th Young Researchers Forum - March 17-18, 2014 Udine

University of Udine (PP1) has organized the "6th Scientific Workshop and Joint Training" that will be held in Udine on 17th and 18th March. The title of the event is " Fish immunity and antimicrobial peptides: current research and future potential". The seminar will be held in the morning whereas the thematic groups will be organized by Shoreline (PP4) and KGZS-Zavod KR (PP6) in the afternoon. The practical training, for the young researchers, will be held the next morning (18th March) followed by the Young Researcher Forum (YRF).

Seminar & 3rd Forum INNOVAQUA - Thematic Group - 19/02/2014 Az. AGRITURISTICA MULINO DELLE TOLLE Località casa bianca - Via Julia 1 Bagnaria Arsa (UD) - Italy

PP4 and PP6 have organized a Seminar on Water Recirculating System, with experts from Denmark and the 3rd Plenary Forum & Thematic Group on Water and Plant Maintenance

3th Young Researchers Forum: "Project for a sector start-up" - 31/01/2014 Padriciano (TS)

The 3rd young researchers forum"project for a secotor start-up" will be held on 31st January 2014 at Area Science Park of Padriciano (Trieste).

FURUNCULOSIS MEETING - 07/02/2014 in Basaldella di Campoformido (Udine)

Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale delle Venezie (PP3) has organized Furunculosis meeting about typical and atypical furunculosis, antibiotic resistance patterns, prophylaxis, autogenous vaccine and vaccination.

2nd Plenary Forum INNOVAQUA & Thematic Group - 12/12/2013 Nova Gorica University Dvorec Lanthieri - Glavni trg 8 5271 Vipava - Slovenia

Shoreline (PP4), KGZS-Zavod KR (PP6) and University of Nova Gorica (PP5) have organized the "2nd Plenary Forum INNOVAQUA & Thematic Group": tables of discussion where fish farmers from Italy and Slovenia, researchers and experts in the aquacolture sector will discuss specific needs or issues previously shared.

2nd Young Researchers Forum: "Project for a sector start-up" - 13/12/2013 Trieste (AREA Science Park - sala Consiglio ed. C)

Shoreline (PP4) has organized the 2nd Meeting Young Researchers Forum: "Project for a sector start-up".

1st Young Researchers Forum (YRF): "Project for a sector start-up" - 28/10/2013 Trieste

PP4 has organized the Young Researchers Forum: "Project for a sector start-up".Preliminary Meeting - The first of a series of meetings dedicated to INNOVAQUA's young researchers. The YRF could be an exciting opportunity to join forces and skills in order to create a start-up, opening the doors to new job opportunities.

Innovaqua Complementary Training Course: "PROJECT MANAGEMENT" - October 17-18, 2013 Trieste

LP and T&B Associati have organized a Complementary Training Course entitled PROJECT MANAGEMENT for all partners of Innovaqua project.

TRIESTE NEXT - 1st Plenary Forum - 28/09/2013 Trieste

All PPs will partecipate to the 1st Plenary Forum duringTRIESTE NEXT.

Launch Events between SLO fish farmers and representatives of the project Innovaqua - 12/09/2013 in Kranj & 19/09/02013 in Nova Gorica

KGZS - Zavod KR (PP6) has organized a Launch Event for all fish farmers on Programme-area. During this Launch Event, PP6 is going to explain the next steps of the project, like forums, thematic groups etc. and present the partners and their activities.

LAUNCH EVENTS - 12/09/2013 Bagnaria Arsa (UD) & 18/09/2013 Sacile (PN)

PP4 has organized two LAUNCH EVENTS for all the fish farmers interviewed in the year 2012/2013. During this LAUNCH EVENT, PP4 is going to explain the next steps of the project, like Forums, Thematic Groups etc. and illustrate the innovations developed by scientific partners.

Workshop - Fundamentals of Aquaculture - 02/07/2013, Kranj & Zalog

Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry of Slovenia Institution of Agriculture and Forestry Kranj (PP6) has organized the Workshop - Fundamentals of Aquaculture. In cooperation with the project partner Vodomec d.o.o. (PP7) the practical part of Workshop will be organized on the fish farm Zalog.

4th Scientific Workshop - 23/05/2013 Udine

Innovaqua partners will meet in Udine for the 4th Scientific Workshop.

International Summer School - Aquatic toxicology - 9-22 June 2013, Nova Gorica

The professors of the Graduate study programme in Environmental sciences at University of Nova Gorica would like to invite you to participate to the International summer school entitled "Aquatic toxicology", which will be held from 9 to 22 June 2013 in Nova Gorica, Slovenia. More about the school, programme, speakers, accomodation and deadlines, you may find on the website:

INNOVAQUA follow-up Meeting - 9 April 2013 Padova

Innovaqua partners will meet for the "One-Day Meeting" organized for the follow-up of activities scheduled in Vipava on Feb 11, 2013.

Follow-up of the Training Course on Fundamentals of Economics - 05/04/2013

After the succesful of the training in Fundamentals of Economics, LP and T&B Associati have organized a follow-up of the Training in economics, focussing on some case study(ies) that would help partners in continuing their work in aquaculture.


PP4 has organized the Third Scientific Workshop. The topics will concern the Ecotoxicology and the possible applications in aquaculture. Among the speackers there will be members of the National Research Council (CNR) and the Insititute of Marine Sciences (ISMAR).

TRAINING COURSE - 28/02 - 1/03/2013 Trieste

LP and T&B have organized a Training Course on Fundamentals of Economics.

SECOND SCIENTIFIC WORKSHOP - 25/02/2013 University of Padova

PP2 has organized the second scientific workshop about "Gene expression in fish studies and related methods".

WP3 training activities 2013

A list of events regarding the training activities scheduled for 2013 has been uploaded . The list will be completed in the next weeks

Training Course - 12/02/2013 Nova Gorica

LP e T&B organize a Training Course about Innovation and technology transfer.

PROJECT MEETING - 11/02/2013 Nova Gorica

PP5 has organized a Project Meeting. All Innovaqua partners will present and discuss their activities, results and future proposals.


PP3 has organized the First Scientific Workshop that will offer to the Innovaqua partners a training about the main viral diseases of trout and sea bass, the fish vaccination and the laboratory activities .

VISIT AT VODOMEC d.o.o. FISCH FARMS (PP7) - 12th November 2012. KRANJ

Partners of Innovaqua project will visit the fish farms of VODOMEC d.o.o (PP7) on 12th November 2012. They are: Psata Zalog Ilirska Bistrica

BARCOLANA - 11-14 October 2012 TRIESTE

Innovaqua staff will participate in the event "Barcolana". In order to illustrate the goals of the Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Italy-Slovenia 2007-2013, an exhibition stand will be set up at the event "BARCOLANA". A poster showing objectives and prospectives of the Innovaqua Project will be presented and discussed during the thematic session "Research and development for the benefit of the citizen", taking place on 11th October at 3 p.m in Trieste, Piazza Unità d'Italia.

The week of the University of Nova Gorica - 15-19 October 2012. Nova Gorica

The University of Nova Gorica opens its doors from the 15 th to the 19 th October 2012. The Innovaqua project will be presented on Monday at 10 a.m. You are all welcome to visit us at Vipavska 13, Rožna Dolina.


The University of Primorska Faculty of Health Sciences and the professional association of nutritionists and dieticians of Slovenia invite you to FIRST SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE WITH INTERNATIONAL PARTICIPATION "SLOVENIAN DAY OF DIETETICS".

TriesteNext 2012 - 28-30 September 2012 TRIESTE

Innovaqua will participate to TriesteNext 2012-SAVE THE FOOD. Innovaqua staff will be on board of the motorboat Delfino Verde to entertain passengers with topics related to origin and economic weight of aquaculture in the gulf of Trieste; types of aquaculture: fresh, brackish and seawater; fish breeding tecniques; quality of the environment and cultured fish health; nutritional value of aquaculture products, quality certification and traceability for the consumer's benefit.

The University of Trieste will present its cross-border projects to Ljubljana's mayor - 11th September 2012. Ljubljana.

Press conference on Tuesday 11th September at 12 a.m. at the City Hall of Ljubljana ( Mestni trg 1, Ljubljana), with Zoran JANKOVIĆ Ljubljana's mayor, Roberto COSOLINI Trieste's mayor, Enrico TONGIORGI delegate of Uniniversity of Trieste Rector for scientific dissemination, Filiberto ZOVICO director of Trieste Next, Roberto DELLA MARINA Vice President of AREA Science Park Trieste. The University of Trieste will present its cross-border projects participating to TriesteNext.

Seminar - Atlantium Technologies: HydroOptic Water disinfection - 6 September 2012. Trieste.

Atlantium Technologies will present the ultraviolet-based water disinfection with unique Hydro-Optic Disinfection™.


The Conference "TRENDS AND CHALLENGES IN FOOD TECHNOLOGY, NUTRITION, HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM" will be held on 16 and 17 October 2012 in the Biotechnical Educational Centre Ljubljana (BIC Ljubljana), Ižanska cesta 10, Ljubljana, Slovenia. * REGISTRATION AND ABSTRACT SUBMISSION - until 2 July 2012 * FINAL PAPER SUBMISSION - 21 September 2012.

Kick-Off Meeting - June, 11, 2012 at SalaTessitori, FVG Region, Trieste

The Kick-Off event of INNOVAQUA Project will take place on June,11, 2012 in the Sala Tessitori venue (Friuli Venezia Giulia Region) in Trieste. Please see the event program following the link.

The International School Druga Gimnazija Maribor (Slovenjia)visits the University of Trieste - 4th June 2012. Trieste

The University of Trieste will host the International School Druga Gimnazija Maribor (Slovenjia) on Monday, June 4 th, from 11 a.m. until 13 p.m. The event will take place in Sala Cammarata, in the central building in Piazzale Europa 1.

INNOVAQUA recruitment

The INNOVAQUA Network is recruiting 6 young fellows to work full-time on the Project in the next 32-34 months; further details will be posted soon on Project website and on the web sites of participant Institutions.

First meeting - November 2011. University of Trieste

A first meeting of Innovaqua Project Partner will be held at University of Trieste early in November; exact date and location will be communicated soon.