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PP7 - Vodomec - Vodomec d.o.o.

The company has four Rainbaw trout farms (Pšata, Zalog, Ilirska Bistrica and Nova Štifta). Three of them (except fish farm Nova Štifta) are on The Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Italy-Slovenia 2007-2013 area. Fish farms Pšata and Ilirska Bistrica are in a convenient location (good and clear water) and can be used for experimental purposes.
Rainbow trout farming - breeding of:
eggs, fry, fingerling, consume fish, brood stock.
We also collaborate with Biotechnical faculty, University of Ljubljana and organized different practical training on the fish farms.
We have long experience in breeding of Rainbow trout. We strive to achieve the highest standards in breeding and nutrition of trout. We have the largest flock of selectively breeding Rainbow trout in Slovenia, thus we are also the largest producer of Rainbow trout eggs and juvenile. We also deal with selling and cleaning the trout, which is processed in our own processing plant. This processing plant is registered for selling products to the whole EU market.