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PP5 - UNG - Univerza v Novi Gorici


UNG is an independent, research oriented and student friendly university. A predecessor of the University of Nova Gorica was the Faculty of Environmental Sciences founded in September 1995. Since its creation, UNG has systematically developed its research character, hence all of its fully employed university teachers are above all top-level researchers. UNG offers education at seven schools in undergraduate, second and third programs. The research is conducted in six laboratories (Environmental Research, Astroparticle Physics, Organic Matter Physics, Multiphase Processes, Materals Research, and Quantum Optics) and five research centers (Atmospheric Research, Systems and Information Technologies, Wine Research, Research Center for Humanities, and Biomedical Sciences and Engineering). The Laboratory for Environmental Research (LRO) is currently involved in Innovaqua project. 



- Fate of organic compounds in the environment (monitoring, transformation and effect)

- Treatment processes to remove pollutants from environmental matrices (air, surface water, etc.)

- Ecotoxicity of pollutants and their degradation products


- Investigation of the photochemical and microbial degradation of organic pollutants and their transfer in the environment

- Development of experimental devices for the removal of organic compounds from aqueous matrices

- Elaboration of new materials (based on nanoparticles) for their application in environmentally friendly technologies 

- Development of ecotoxicological tests, bioanalytical and laser-based methods for the determination of toxic compounds and their effects on the environment 

- Sustainable natural resource utilization and protection



Univerza v Novi Gorici
Vipavska 13, Rožna Dolina, 5000 Nova Gorica