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The Project

INNOVH2O is a project funded by the Cross-border Cooperation Programme Italy-Slovenia 2007-2013 for development of technological innovations in aquaculture.
The significant decrease in the abundance of fish due to the heavy exploitation of seas, which also covers the Adriatic Sea, is leading to a rapid development of aquaculture industry. Sustainability of aquaculture depends largely on optimal environmental conditions, correct animal feeding and effective prevention of infectious diseases.
INNOVH2O  involves and integrates the expertise of 8 research, education, and technology transfer institutions and companies operating in the field of fish farming.
Aim of INNOVH2O  is to create a stable network between partners enabling the exchange of knowledge essential to the development of innovations technology from research institutions on the basis of needs expressed by producers. The network of partners will also allow the training of new employees in aquaculture with scientific, technical and management skills.
The expected results will provide an increase in yield and quality of livestock products for the benefit of both producers and, ultimately, consumers.